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Thursday 1 January 1970

Welcome to the Infection & Immunity research website.
The Infection & Immunity program is part of the Utrecht University Graduate School Life Sciences and
consists of a MSc program and a PhD program. Our programs combine expertise from immunologists,
infectious disease physicians, paediatricians, bacteriologists, virologists, chemists and cell biologist to
study and fight elements in infectious diseases and immunological disorders. We aim to develop novel
treatments and fight resistance against existing drugs. Since Infection and Immunity are intertwined, it
is our choice to integrate these two areas of research within a single research school. MSc and PhD
candidates are trained in both areas of research in order to fully understand and appreciate this
fundamental entanglement.

Call for speakers!
We hereby invite all members of the I & I community to nominate speakers for the 2016-2017 Eijkman series.
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